36kv Instrument Transformer

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  • Model LJ Current Transformer Model LJ75

    The LJ- 75 zero sequence current transformers are used in indoor environment, and provided for earthed electric systems of rated frequency of 50/60 Hz

  • Model JDZ Voltage Transformer Model JDZ(X)(F)9-36

    This model of voltage instrument transformers includes four versions: JDZ9-36,JDZF9-36, JDZX9-36 and JDZXF9-36. The units are cast in epoxy resin and

  • Model LZZBW Current Transformer LZZBW8-36

    The current transformer of the type LZZBW8-36 is casting resins and fully enclosed. It is used for metering electric energy and current, relay protect

  • Model LZZBJ Current Transformer Model LZZBJ9-36

    The current instrument transformers LZZBJ9-36 are fully enclosed and cast in epoxy resin. The transformers are designed for electric power systems of

  • Model LCWD Current Transformer LCWD-36(LABN1-36W2)

    The current transformer of type LCWD-36 is oil insulated and outdoor product. It is used for metering energy, current and relay protection in electric

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